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The Acts

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Prerock. - 12:05PM 

You asked, and we delivered: RADFEST brings you post-rock/noise duo prerock. Having recently released their debut EP, prerock.'s signature style blends intense walls of sound with field recordings and minimalist arrangements. With influences including Slint, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Sunn O))) – prerock. are recognised by fans for their hypnotic and ever-evolving live performances.

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Taniya Bose - 12:30PM 

To ease you into the afternoon, RADFEST brings you Taniya Bose, a multilingual singer who enjoys acoustic covers of songs on her trusted ukulele. From the classics to pop, she definitely strikes the right chords.

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Gabby Mountjoy- 12:50PM 

Ever heard the soft melodies of a 20 year-old bedroom musician who has never experienced real hardship in her life but will tell you "being fifteen was hard"? Ever wanted to? Join Gabby Mountjoy from Poorly Fed Brute as she leads you by the ear through a selection of original moody folk songs, influenced by artists such as Hozier and Chad VanGaalen.

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Channeling the raw, visceral sounds of 90s alternative rock, Rylico’s downbeat acoustic musings are both confessional and brooding, and linger on themes of regret, failure, and an almost unhealthy obsession with his own vulnerabilities. Great for children's parties and coming of age celebrations.

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launa - 1:30PM

LAUNA is here to bring you Amy Whinehouse -esque vocals and spin up a jazz-blues-soul dream for RADFEST!!

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Mia Pisano - 2:50PM

Easing you into your Tuesday afternoon, RADFEST brings you Mia Pisano - a solo singer-songwriter from Melbourne. With roots in country and theatre, Mia’s quirky folk-pop blend always tells a story.

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Cam Kittle - 3:10PM

Cam Kittle Music is a solo musician from the Mornington Peninsula here to deliver sweet tunes from his home to yours for RADFEST! Cam's debut EP, "Alive", sounds like the lovechild of My Chemical Romance, James Bay, and Phil Collins, however the identity of the father is unknown. In his spare time, Cam likes long introspective walks on the beach at sunset heavily laden with sarcasm. 

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MEGHNA is Sanskrit for “the one who walks on clouds” - and that’s exactly how you’ll be feeling when she performs for RADFEST next Tuesday. Australian-Indian teen MEGHNA began her musical journey when she was just a little girl, creating wacky songs - that were also straight-up fire - which perfectly represented her personality: funny, unique and confident. Raised on an array of artists like Dire Straits, Whitney Houston, Billy Joel and other legends, MEGHNA has grown up to have quite the colourful musical palate. 

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DJ Yen - 3:50PM

RADFEST presents..... DJ YEN! If you've partied at any of the Halls Balls or MSA parties, chances are you've boogied the night away to the beats of DJ Yen. Drawing on influences such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kanye West, Tchami, Disclosure, and Miles Medina, you can expect a Hip-Hop VS House Set to dance your Tuesday blues away.

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Maddy Street - 4:10PM

Somewhere in-between pop and indie lays Maddy Street, a 21 year old French and British singer-songwriter (and former Monash exchange student). Maddy released her first EP ‘Medusa’ in 2018 and is set to release her new EP ‘Blue’ on 11 June!! Whether she is rapping in French or crying over a girl again, Maddy Street will take you on a singular journey into her world of queerness and poetry, influenced by many genres and artists such as Frank Ocean, Loyle Carner, Angie McMahon or Janelle Monàe.


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