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RADMON ALBUMS OF THE YEAR: Cosmic Australiana by Boing Boing

Written by Liam Calleja

Boing Boing’s debut album Cosmic Australiana is an ode to Australia and Australian-ness - particularly the type found only in the far north of Queensland.

While potentially lacking depth in subject matter, this album captures you with its pure energy and reverberating guitar and bass riffs. Most tracks follow the same formula, but have their own original peculiarity reflected in their lyrics.

'Prehistoric Monsters' is a track almost as monstrous as the creatures it describes, with massive vocals and roaring guitars deterring you from feeding the local wildlife, while 'SMBYFP' chronicles the age-old battle with authority in an inimitable way: refusing to take oral swab tests by police. The track that has gained the most attention, 'JT (C'mon Fellas It's Not a Library Talk It Up), pays homage to NRL superstar Johnathan Thurston, uniquely celebrating his odyssey from skinny whiz-kid to the "King of the North”. While the significance of JT’s journey and triumphs may be lost on those who are not a native Queenslander, or who reside outside of the NRL sphere, this song serves to be a quirky yet catchy history lesson for the uninformed. The album ends on a sombre note, however, with the track 'Been a While'. Rough vocals add an extra layer of charm to this track, and make it feel as if you’re listening to it in Albert Dear’s own backyard, sharing a beer with him as he reflects and laments the return of his ex-lover.

Overall, it’s an album I continually turn to when I crave the roar of a guitar and a bit of fun. The band are preparing to perform Cosmic Australiana as they embark on their King of the North tour starting in Brisbane on December 12th.