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RadMon’s Album Excellency Award: June

Posted  July 1, 2015  by  Mike Riviere

This month featured a slew of amazing releases, from Ta-Ku to Alpine, Thundercat, and Florence + The Machine. One album that came out this month received excellent critical reception, but to my dismay as I walked into JB Hifi one day, was 18th in the top twenty charts. This seemed like a criminal injustice to […]

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Anything but dead inside: Muse – Drones (2015)

Posted  June 3, 2015  by  Timothy Neville

Potentially their best release yet, Muse delivers a top-notch album that feels as though it is the aggregate of Muse’s entire excellent career in only twelve tracks.

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In Colour

Jamie XX – In Colour Review

Posted  June 1, 2015  by  Mike Riviere

Jamie XX’s In Colour is one of the best electronic albums in a long time, and possibly one of the best albums of the year.

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Flume feat. Andrew Wyatt – Some Minds

Posted  May 30, 2015  by  Dean Kolovos

Following a three year hiatus on studio material, Sydney producer Flume returns to the scene with Some Minds, featuring Andrew Wyatt of Swedish electropop outfit Miike Snow. Amidst rumours of a 2015 album release, Some Minds is our first taste of a newly matured Flume, with a tact for build-up and trademark aesthetic

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Mixed Emotions During Madeons’ Adventure.

Posted  May 15, 2015  by  Van Doolan

Hugo Pierre Leclercq, formally known as Madeon continues his conquest of what is now dubbed Electronic Dance Music, with his new Album Adventure The album provides a much needed refreshment as Melbourne Bounce sound and the misunderstood title of ‘big room’ continue to dominate the EDM scene.

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Music Reviewers’ Show: Interview with Animaux!

This week, we talk about what makes an influential band, adult swim bangerz and an interview with Alex from Melbourne’s Pop Funk “Pornogrind” band Animaux! Music Reviewers Show S2. Ep. 3 (Thursday 27th August)...
by Mike Riviere


Uber Fest interviews. part 1

The Radics: Sean: Tell us a bit about yourselves, a basic bio, where you’re from and how you guys met. Blake: We are The Radics, we’ve been together for almost three years now and we wanted to make a band so we put some ads...
by Sean Wynn


Calling all aspiring Djs, It’s Yourshot!

Overall 5 / 5 - Incredible!
by Van Doolan



Music Reviewers’ Show: Kid Radio Interview!

This week on the Music Reviewers’ show, we talk about Cloud rap, bands that release albums that are huge departures and have a chat with Marcus from Melbourne’s synth pop outfit Kid Radio!   Props to Sean for ...
by Mike Riviere


Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis

Review Type:

Overall 4 / 5 - Very Good
by Timothy Neville


The Music Reviewers’ Show is Back!

      Yes, that’s right ladies and germs, the show is back and has been revamped for your pleasure.   The show broadcasts every Thursday on our stream, from 5,30 to 7, but you can always check back her...
by Mike Riviere